Vivobarefoot Review: The Best Barefoot Shoe Brand?

Within the landscape of minimalist footwear, Vivobarefoot has been nothing short of revolutionary. As fervent supporters of a natural stride, we’ve delved into the heart of this sustainable shoe brand, experiencing firsthand the profound impact their barefoot shoes have on promoting immaculate posture and mobility.

But remember this:

Vivobarefoot is a brand

Not a single type of shoe.

Our goal is to share an authentic Vivobarefoot review of the brand and give you an overview of each of its products.

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Pricing and Value: Are Vivobarefoot Shoes Worth the Investment?

As connoisseurs of minimalist footwear, we often confront a pivotal question: when it comes to Vivobarefoot pricing, does the balance tilt favourably towards the value for money?

It’s a legitimate question, considering the initial cost often surpasses that of conventional trainers.

Experience says to look beyond price tags.

With Vivobarefoot, it’s not just about immediate foot comfort—it’s the prolonged journey towards enhanced foot health that stands at the crux of our reviews.

And therein lies the value.

Moreover, Vivobarefoot doesn’t shy away from its eco-friendly commitments.

Opting for an eco-friendly shoe brand like Vivobarefoot is not merely a purchase—it’s an endorsement of a greener footprint – Pun partly intended.

Witnessing the durability of these shoes it becomes apparent that investing in a pair of Vivobarefoots could potentially curtail the frequency of replacements.

Understanding the Vivobarefoot Philosophy

The barefoot revolution is reshaping our approach to footwear, leading us back to the fundamentals of human movement. At the forefront of this movement are Galahad Clark and Asher Clark, whose innovative Vivobarefoot design has played a pivotal role in promoting the minimalist footwear philosophy.

Vivobarefoot Materials: A Commitment to Sustainability

Vivobarefoot footwear goes beyond aesthetics. Their pledge to sustainability is not just to keep up with trends but rather a deeply woven policy, manifest in every shoe in their collection.

Indeed, their approach is harmonised with the highest standards of eco-centric ideologies. They form a symbiotic relationship with farmers in Ethiopia to produce leather that bears the hallmark of quality and sustainability – they ensure that the wild hide used in their leather shoes is responsibly obtained from cattle that roam freely, embodying the principles of natural and ethical procurement.

The attainment of Certified B Corporation status by Vivobarefoot is a big deal, reflecting their robust and transparent practices in all stages of sourcing and manufacturing.

MaterialSourcing LocationSustainability Credentials
Wild Hide LeatherEthiopiaEthically sourced from free-roaming cattle; partnership with Pittards
Recycled MaterialsGlobalContributes to waste reduction and reinforces product lifecycle efficiency
Plant-based ProductsRespective regions of harvestSupports renewable resource usage and minimises carbon footprint
Eco SuedeResponsible producersProvides a vegan alternative while upholding durability and aesthetic appeal

By embracing Vivobarefoot, you’ll put your support into a brand that is doing not only good, but minimising the bad done to the environment.

Discovering the Vivobarefoot Range

Embarking on a journey through the Vivobarefoot range is akin to exploring a treasure trove of minimalist footwear, each creation thoughtfully designed to cater to the distinct needs of the barefoot enthusiast. In our quest for the ultimate connection between foot and terrain, we’ve encountered an impressive variety of models, all sharing the common thread of a barefoot design.

Let us introduce you to the pioneers and the innovators of this remarkable collection.

Primus Lite III

The Primus Lite III, a flagship training shoe from Vivo, stands out for its commitment to promoting natural movement and enhancing strength through a variety of training disciplines. It is designed to cater to both seasoned barefoot cross-trainers and newcomers to the concept of barefoot performance, highlighting its versatility and broad appeal.

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Constructed predominantly from recycled materials, with the upper featuring 100% RPET for the vamp, quarter, and tongue, and a mix of polyester and polyurethane for overlays, the shoe underscores Vivo’s commitment to sustainability. The lining and laces further adhere to this eco-friendly ethos, utilising RPET and synthetic rubber for the outsole, which not only supports environmental sustainability but also ensures durability and resistance.

The Primus Lite III is engineered to provide a barefoot-like experience, with a 2mm Primus outsole that offers minimal separation from the ground, aiming to enhance natural stability, sensory feedback, and strength. The Active Ortholite Performance Insole, made from 98% recycled PU foam, complements this by reducing waste and the use of virgin plastics.

However, while the shoe is vegan-friendly, Vivo transparently indicates that they cannot fully guarantee the vegan status of all small components, such as adhesives and dyes, due to current limitations in production transparency.

For care, the Primus Lite III requires simple maintenance with brush-off cleaning, room temperature drying, and the use of Liquiproof Premium Protector to maintain its water-resistant quality. The inclusion of a puncture-resistant finish adds a protective yet flexible layer, ensuring safety without compromising the sensory connection to the environment.

The Revivo Take Back program represents Vivo’s initiative towards sustainability, offering a viable end-of-life option for the shoes, thereby contributing to waste reduction and promoting a circular economy.

Primus Lite IV

The Primus Lite IV All Weather Men’s trainer is designed to support barefoot training enthusiasts in navigating through various weather conditions with ease. This lightweight, water-resistant shoe aims to empower users to embrace their strength across all seasons, ensuring a robust training experience regardless of the weather.

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Constructed with sustainability in mind, the Primus Lite IV features an upper made entirely of 100% RPET for the vamp, quarter, and tongue, with overlays composed of 40% polyester and 60% polyurethane. The commitment to environmental responsibility extends to the lining and laces, which are also crafted from RPET, and a 100% synthetic rubber outsole. These choices reflect a conscious effort to reduce waste and minimise the use of virgin plastics, evidenced further by the Active Ortholite Performance Insole, made from 98% recycled PU foam.

The all-weather adaptability of the Primus Lite IV is a standout feature, utilising water-resistant constructions and non-absorbent materials to ensure performance isn’t compromised by adverse conditions. The shoe’s Pro5 Puncture Resistant finish adds an extra layer of underfoot protection, maintaining the delicate balance between safeguarding the foot and preserving sensory connection with the ground.

The design philosophy of the Primus Lite IV focuses on minimal separation between the foot and the earth, facilitated by a 2mm performance outsole and a low-profile side wall. This approach not only offers protection suitable for urban environments but also promotes natural movement, stability, and strength, thanks to a hexagonal tread pattern designed for multidirectional flexibility and grip.

Primus Trail III

The Vivobarefoot Primus Trail III All Weather Firm Ground is an innovative advancement of the brand’s original trail-running shoe, designed to meet the demands of hardpack trail adventures in cooler and wetter climates. This model maintains the lightweight, durable, and flexible characteristics of its predecessor but introduces water-resistant materials to enhance performance in challenging weather conditions. Constructed from recycled, vegan, and high-performance materials, it underscores Vivobarefoot’s commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. However, the brand notes a lack of full transparency regarding the vegan status of small components, aiming for honesty in its claims.

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The shoe features a Firm Ground outsole for stability across varied terrains, complemented by an Ortholite Insole made from 98% recycled PU foam, reducing waste and the reliance on virgin plastics. The Primus Trail III AW FG is puncture-resistant, thanks to a lightweight, flexible layer on the sole, offering protection while maintaining a close connection with the ground. Weighing 315g for a men’s EU 42, it integrates non-wicking textiles and no-sew TPU overlays for durability and comfort. The design facilitates natural mobility and strength building on uneven ground, with a quick-lace system for convenience and a multi-terrain outsole for versatility, making it ideal for fast hiking, fastpacking, and urban exploration in rainy conditions.

Primus Asana

the Primus Asana by Vivobarefoot represents an innovative approach to casual, barefoot footwear, embracing natural materials to promote natural movement. This trainer is specifically designed for those seeking a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and environmental consciousness in their urban journeys. The Primus Asana incorporates a unique combination of breathable thermo-regulating knitted uppers, complemented by Wild Hide leather panelling, to offer a premium, sustainable choice for the discerning urban nomad.

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At the core of its design is the Primus Outsole, a 2mm performance outsole crafted to minimize the separation between the foot and the ground, enhancing natural stability and sensory feedback. The inclusion of a puncture-resistant Pro5 finish adds a layer of underfoot protection without compromising the shoe’s flexibility or the wearer’s connection to their environment.

Weighing 266g for a men’s EU 42, the Primus Asana is equipped with an Everyday Cork & Recycled PU insole, combining recycled materials with the natural antibacterial properties of cork for added comfort and sustainability. Its Woolmark© certified Merino wool ensures breathability, temperature regulation, and moisture-wicking capabilities, making it an ideal choice for those prioritizing both ecological integrity and personal wellness in their footwear.

The Primus Trail II FG and Off-road Readiness

When the cityscape gave way to the ruggedness of the great outdoors, the Primus Trail II FG stepped forth. Designed for off-road readiness, its wide toe box and aggressive tread pattern embraced rocky paths and muddy trails with unwavering determination—allowing us to traverse with the confidence only the right gear can provide.

Gobi III and Tracker Forest ESC

The Gobi III, a trailblazer in both realms of aesthetics and utility, marries the elegance of a classic desert boot with the functional prowess of a barefoot shoe. Its successor, the Tracker Forest ESC, elevates the game with its robust, all-terrain adaptability. Both offerings hold true to the principles of barefoot design shoes, granting the wearer an unhampered experience while treading across diverse landscapes.


The Vivobarefoot Difference

Vivobarefoot’s wide toe box is an interesting part of their design ethos. This thoughtful feature allows for the splay of toes, vital for a robust balance.

Toe FreedomAllows feet to move as nature intended, promoting stronger muscles and balance.
Spatial ComfortAvoids the compression of toes, leading to improved stability and circulation.
Anatomical DesignMatches the natural foot shape, alleviating common foot ailments caused by tighter shoes.

Ultra-Thin Soles with a Purpose: Sensory Feedback and Puncture Resistance

The extraordinary ultra-thin soles of Vivobarefoot footwear are meticulously crafted to balance delicacy with resilience. While they boast puncture resistance to protect from the elements, they also maintain crucial sensory feedback, connecting us intimately with the earth beneath our feet.


Ultra-ThinTactile SensitivityHeightens awareness of the terrain, fostering natural foot movements.
Puncture ResistanceProtectionOffers safety from rough surfaces without compromising ground sensation.
Proprioceptive ExperienceSensory FeedbackEnhances natural gait patterns and body alignment.

Getting Acquainted with Vivobarefoot: The Transition Experience

Transitioning to Vivobarefoot is an experience.

For those embarking on the minimalist journey, bear in mind that the path is a steadfast evolution. The novice guide to transitioning to Vivobarefoot is a gentle, graduated approach that honours your feet’s need for gradual acclimatisation. efoot walker, a transformation that’s both salubrious and fulfilling.

Building Stamina and Health through Barefoot Wear

Evolving into barefoot wear is as much about building stamina as it is about fortifying health. The barefoot design, intrinsic to Vivobarefoot footwear, procures a confluence of stability and control, establishing an unshakeable foundation from which to spring forth into the fore of physical vigour. The momentum garnered from this progressive exploit yields health benefits that ripple through the very fabric of your natural locomotion.


The evaluation of Vivobarefoot shoes underscores the brand’s fusion of natural walking dynamics with a commitment to environmental sustainability. Despite a higher price point within the minimalist footwear sector, Vivobarefoot justifies its cost with significant benefits that extend beyond individual foot health to include eco-friendly production methods.

Vivobarefoot emerges as a standout in sustainable footwear, offering products that enhance natural movement and ensure comfort through thoughtful design. This positions the brand at the forefront for consumers prioritizing both personal well-being and ecological responsibility.

In conclusion, Vivobarefoot is affirmed as a leader in minimalist, environmentally conscious footwear. Its emphasis on quality, functionality, and ethical manufacturing distinguishes Vivobarefoot as the top choice for those seeking to combine health, comfort, and sustainability in their footwear. Embracing Vivobarefoot is a step towards a future where every stride reflects a deeper commitment to both personal and planetary well-being.

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